Who are the Manitoba Foto Friends?

We are photographers of all ages, skill levels and walks of life.  Some of us are lucky enough to call photography our full-time occupation, others have part-time gigs, and still others of us are just enjoying the hobby which is its own reward.  Regardless what category your photographic obsession falls under (because let's face it... it IS an obsession!) you've come to the right place.

When we founded the Manitoba Foto Friends back in October of 2011, we were a small group of friends who loved photography and wanted a place where we could share our images, meet for shoots and learn from each other along the way. We came together as a Facebook group to "celebrate the joy of photography" which has become our motto. Very quickly we grew into a much larger community of like-minded people and had to find a better avenue than Facebook. We wanted a fun and casual environment online, and also a way to organize events and workshops for the benefit of all our members - both from a photographic- and social- perspective.

We are very happy to say that we have achieved these goals and have become the group you see today. Manitoba Foto Friends is now a registered not-for-profit group and membership is free... not free for a limited time... but actually FREE for anyone who wishes to join. Thanks to an outpouring of support from our members, we have received contributions to cover startup expenses. We continue to accept donations to fund activities and pay for the small costs we have to keep the group running, but all funds collected go back into the group and this benefits everyone.  So while we stress that it is a free community, contributions of any amount are always welcome and you can give back via our sponsors page if you choose.

We have a lot of in-person activities in addition to our online presence so our membership is primarily from Manitoba, Canada.  That being said, membership is not exclusive and all are welcome!

We hope you take the time to register so you can celebrate with us!

For more information see: What do we do?