What activities can you expect from the Manitoba Foto Friends?

  • We have an active online Forum (visible only to registered users) and we use this medium to:
    • Share our images
    • Share links to resources (educational, gear, and photos of course!)
    • Ask for critiques from other members
    • List items for sale or browse other members' items for sale
    • Post member-written tutorials on various shooting- and PP-techniques
    • Chat with other members about photography as well as many other random topics
    • Learn from each other and have fun!
  • We put on Workshops and its all part of our "Members Teaching Members" philosophy. Photography is such a broad term and many of our members have specialties.  The best part is, they don't mind sharing! So whenever we have members that are willing to put these on, we all get to step outside our comfort zones and try something new. We also welcome other members of the photography community to share with us their knowledge and experience.  Hands on practice combined with in-person expertise and instruction makes learning so much fun!
  • Monthly Meetups - No formalities... We meet every second month on the last Monday of the month at Aaltos in the CanadInn on Pembina Highway in a separate space they reserve just for us.  At these meetups, we gather together for a coffee and/or a meal (no one is ever obligated to order food), share upcoming information about the club and get members' input on various aspects of our community.  Primarily these meetups are intended as social events - a chance for people to put faces to names from the forum and chat with friends.  The alternate months we meet on one of the last weekend days at the end of the month.  These meetups are often group shoots as well at various places and the venue changes each time.
  • Group Shoots - Want some company on a shoot? It's always more fun with a friend and that's what the Manitoba Foto Friends is all about.  If you have an idea for a place to shoot and would like some company, post it on the forum and more often than not, other members will have the same itch to get out.  All members have access to post threads in the events forum as well as make entries into our Calendar. The admin team tries to ensure at least one shoot is planned per month but the more, the better.  As we are all members, you don't have to wait for an admin member to plan something - one of the best and easiest ways to help us out is to jump in and set something up!
  • Families and Friends Matter! Our events are never restricted to members only.  If you have a friend, spouse, son/daughter, or other family member that is into photography, bring them along. If you are attending your first meetup and don't feel comfortable going solo, bring a friend or a spouse. We're a very casual group and always welcome new faces.  The only exception to this is for workshops where there is limited space (for these events, pre-registration is required) or the odd time an event is planned in a place where minors aren't allowed. These limitations are always noted in the event thread so you'll know if there's any concerns.  Otherwise, the more the merrier!

As you can see, we try to be an active community and our members keep saying that they are having a hard time keeping up with all the fun! Of course no one should feel obligated to participate in everything but hey... if that's the worst feedback we get, then we're doing something right. Once registered, have a look at the events forum and our activity calendar for current and future plans. The most immediate events planned are visible to the public on our home page but for longer-term planning, you'll need to register to gain access to the forums and full calendar.


Come on in and help us grow our circle of friends!