Below you will find an extensive list of various shooting locations throughout Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba. Please note that all descriptions in quotations contain text from the locations' respective websites.


Photography at these locations may require prior permission or appointments.  Be sure to check with the managing group at your chosen location before visiting.

Manitoba Photography Locations

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Location NameWebsite for InformationLink to Google MapDescription
Abandoned Buildings Link to a website that features a vast array of abandoned buildings found throughout Manitoba.
Assiniboia Downs Racing
Bannock Point Petroforms"The Bannock Point Petroforms are figures laid out on bedrock in the forms of turtles, snakes and humans, and also in abstract patterns."
Bird's Hill Park and the Kudlovich Homestead"Explore an old homestead. Wander through the wild flowers. Climb to the top of the viewing tower and you'll see for miles. Walk, cycle, horseback ride through a network of trails that will take you anywhere and everywhere.

Year-round the park is a natural stage for a range of recreational activities and sporting events. In July of each year, Birds Hill is home to the Winnipeg Folk Festival, one of North America's largest folk music events. Everything from trail riding to interpretive programs are yours to enjoy. Watch any number of events in the park: horse shows, polo tournaments, and cycling races. Birds Hill is also a favorite picnic spot for small and large groups."
Cooks Creek Church and Grotto old Ukranian Catholic Church reminiscent of the Taj Mahal.
Doplar Radar Station, Woodlands a great foreground for auroras or possibly lighting storms
Elmwood Cemetery"Since 1902, Elmwood Cemetery has been considered a premier burial ground for residents of Winnipeg and its surrounding communities.  Situated in a residential neighbourhood,  its 38 acres are embraced by the banks of the Red River. Over 57,000 people are buried here, making Elmwood Cemetery one of the largest cemeteries of preference in Winnipeg."

One of the most beautiful cemeteries around, you can find many stone angels and old mausoleums which make for some fantastic B&W shooting.

Ely, MN, USA  I've been back to this area 4 times in the last 7-8 years and I always find new things to photograph.  I use Ely as a home base and travel out from there.  The International Wolf Center is located on the outskirts of town, I brought Joe Kerr here four years ago and I am sure many of you have seen his wolf shots.  There is also a Bear Center on the other side of town, but I don't recommend that one.  If it is bears you want, travel about an hour northwest of Ely to Orr, MN, there is a bear sanctuary there.  An hour east of Ely gets you to the Lake Superior shore and places like Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse.  There are all kinds of falls, rivers and lakes around Ely, wildlife is a plenty.  Seen wolves in the wild, and was photographing the mist on a lake one morning, and a pack that must have been just on the other side of the lake started howling.  The hairs on the back of my neck just about leaped out.
If you want to check out a National Geographic photographers work, Jim Brandenburg lives just outside of town, and has a gallery in Ely.
Forks, The"The Forks, so named because of its position where the Assiniboine River flows into the Red, has a rich history of early Aboriginal settlement, the fur trade, the advent of the railway, waves of immigration and the Industrial Age."
Fort Whyte Alive"...640 acres of prairie, lakes, forest and wetlands. Highlights include a 70-acre Bison Prairie and viewing mound, more than 7 km of interpretive trails and floating marsh boardwalks, family treehouse, birdfeeding stations, and songbirds, deer and waterfowl in their natural habitat."
Hecla Island and Gull Harbor"Hecla Island is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors, wildlife and bird watching. The Island also includes an historic Icelandic Village, walking trails through the Grassy Narrows Marsh, rugged limestone cliffs, beaches, a harbour, one of Canada's best golf courses, and first class fishing."
Historic Sites, Manitoba Link to the Manitoba Historical Society's website which details information on a huge number of old gems around our province.
Legislative Building, Manitoba"We are proud to encourage citizens and visitors to Manitoba to visit our magnificent Legislative Building. When the legislative assembly is in session, we invite you to watch the proceedings from the visitors gallery. Tour guides will show you around the building and explain its history and architecture.

From July 1 to the Labour Day long weekend in September, we offer tours on an hourly basis. Groups of 10 or more require advance tour reservations during the summer season. Appointments will be required from September to June. To book an appointment, please call 204-945-5813. The Legislative Building, including the visitors gallery, is wheelchair accessible."
Lockport"Lockport is a small unincorporated community in Manitoba, Canada  located just north of the city of Winnipeg. It is the site of ancient agricultural inhabitation, a migratory bird (the North American White Pelican) feeding area as well as a dam and lock of the Red River. The Red River Floodway joins the Red River just down river from the dam."
Lower Fort Garry"Experience Lower Fort Garry, North America’s only restored stone fort from the fur trade era. Buildings and walls that have stood on the bank of the Red River for over 180 years tell inspiring tales of innovation, discovery, and struggle. Let our costumed guides familiarize you with the Fort. Enjoy specialized presentations or come for one of our many special events!"
Marine Museum of Manitoba"The Marine Museum of Manitoba (Selkirk) Inc. formally came into being in 1972 - 1973 in the City of Selkirk. Its aim at that time was, and still is, to gather ships, artifacts, and items relating to marine life, to tell the story of the development and the operation of marine life on Lake Winnipeg and the Red River. The period covered by the Museum's displays starts circa 1850 and continues to present day."
Matlock Manitoba,_Manitoba"Matlock, Manitoba is a resort community in the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada, on the southwestern shore of Lake Winnipeg."
Narcisse Snake Dens"Thinking of a trip to see the world famous red-sided garter snakes of Narcisse? It's about a one hour drive north from Winnipeg to the Narcisse Snake Dens. Sunny days are always best for snake viewing. There's a large gravel parking lot and the trails throughout the site are well-packed crushed limestone."

Best time for viewing is usually May and September during mating season. Check their website for up-to-date information on the snake activity.
Narrows, The 
Nopiming Provincial Park 
Oak Hammock Marsh"Oak Hammock Marsh is home to 25 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, numerous amphibians, reptiles, and fish, and countless invertebrates. During migration season, the number of waterfowl using the marsh during migration can exceed 400,000 daily! "
Parks, Manitoba Alphabetical listing of parks in Manitoba
Parks, Winnipeg Alphabetical listing of parks in Winnipeg
Pinawa Dam"The Old Pinawa Dam Heritage Park is a small jewel located in eastern Manitoba, between the towns of Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet on Provincial Road 520. It is a tranquil park with large open spaces, plenty of shade, the peace of falling water and the relaxing songs of the birds. This is the perfect place to come to picnic, to hike the nature trails, to rediscover its past. Old Pinawa is a gentle place that will soothe your spirit."
Riding Mountain National Park"This rich wilderness in the midst of Manitoba’s prairie landscape covers 3,000 km2 (1158 sq. miles) of rolling hills and valleys. Bold boreal forest, expanses of meadows and lakes, lofty heights and deep gorges of the Manitoba Escarpment is home to wolves, moose, elk, black bears, hundreds of bird species and even a captive bison herd."
Seven Sisters"Seven Sisters Generating Station is Manitoba Hydro's largest producer of electricity on the Winnipeg River. Located about 90 kilometres (km) northeast of the City of Winnipeg, it is fondly and respectfully described by engineers who designed and built it as the river's mightiest generating station."
Spirit Sands (inside Spruce Woods Provincial Park)"Wind-patterned sand, cacti and high temperatures make it tempting to call Spirit Sands a desert. Yet the moisture received here is 300-500 millimetres per year-nearly twice the amount received in a true desert region. This abundant rainfall enables plants to colonize or cover the dunes, decreasing the open sand area.

At the Devils Punch Bowl, sand slips and slides down a bowl-shaped depression 45 metres deep and disappears into an ever-moving, eerie pool of blue-green water. Although this may sound bizarre, it is part of the landscape of the Spirit Sands. Underground streams have eroded and collapsed the hills beside the Assiniboine River to create an unusual site."
St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park"St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park is located at the junction of the Red and La Salle rivers, sometimes referred to as Winnipeg's "other forks." At St. Norbert Provincial Park immerse yourself in métis family life as it was during the late 1800s."
Stonewall Quarry Park Quarry Park, packed with history and lots of small details for you to find...
The Old Decaying School House near Killarney & Pleasant Valley Link is to an image of the building. Some of you asked where this little gem is. Here's the secret. 

Go just north of the town of Killarney on the #18 until you reach Northcote Road. Head west for 1 mile. You will then see the building on the southwest corner.  Happy shooting!
Town Statues, Manitoba "Across Canada many towns have erected oversized statues depicting what they believe to be an identifying mark of their town. Some of them are quite obvious, perhaps a statue symbolizing a local product or historical event. Some are down right bizzare. They hope that tourists will stop by and take photos of these unusual homages - I know it works on me. Manitoba is no different. In my travels around the province I've come across many of these statues and feature them on this page. I believe that up to this point I have every one that can be considered to be a town statue. If I'm missing any from your town please send me an email letting me know and I'll make sure to stop by in my future travels."
Via Rail Station and Train Museum"Climb the stairs of the historicVia Rail Union Station to tracks 1 & 2 where you will discover the only museum in Winnipeg dedicated to the preservation of Manitoba's rail heritage. See where it all began. View the first steam locomotive on the Canadian Prairies, The Countess of Dufferin. Continue on and view an early-generation diesel locomotive just like the ones still used today.

Approximately 37,500 square feet is filled with railway artifacts, many more than we are able to picture here.

There are 2 tracks filled from end to end of the museum which are both 750 feet in length. Tracks 1 & 2 which both contain actual trains and equipment. Then there are platforms 1 & 2 which are both filled with displays, artifacts and railway related vehicles, trucks, fire trucks from both railways. Explore our website, and then come and see it in person."
Western Canadian Aviation Museum"Several one-of-a-kind aircraft – retrieved across Canada from mountainsides to the bottom of lakes – have been restored and curated to showcase the story of Canada’s rich and unique aviation heritage.

Where else can you fly a plane, spot a flying saucer, take a trip to outer space and still be back in time for lunch? Skyways! Our children's gallery features interactive scanners, demonstrations, cockpits, wind tunnels, instrumentation and more."
Whitemouth River"The mouth of the river empties into the Winnipeg River system. The Whitemouth River begins in a remote forested area just north of the border between the United States of America and Canada. Whitemouth Lake feeds the river year round, along with many wetlands throughout the Sandilands Provincial Forest area. The river runs north and crosses the Trans-Canada Highway where it enters an area of farmlands. There are many rapids along the river that make it a popular river to canoe on. The river is only about an hour from the city of Winnipeg. The towns of Seven Sisters, River Hills, Elma, Whitemouth, and Hadashville are located along the river."
Whiteshell Provincial Park"This is Canada as you knew it could be. From the Precambrian Shield to the multitude of lakes and rivers, the Whiteshell Park is Canada at its best! Almost 2800 square kilometres of protected wilderness parkland characterizes this Provincial Park located in eastern Manitoba, Canada. Hiking trails, canoe routes, cross-country ski trails, snow mobile trails and Canadian Shield rock everywhere are what makes the Whiteshell Provincial Park a destination location."
Wind Farm, Saint Joseph"With 60 wind turbines covering 125 square kilometres, St. Joseph is the largest wind farm built in Canada in 2010. It will generate enough power to meet the needs of 50,000 homes."
Wind Farm, Saint Leon"A total of 63 wind turbines have been erected over a 93-square kilometre area, capable of delivering 99 MW. It is one of the largest wind farms in Canada."

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